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Two stories that corroborate what you share. I follow USSMariner (a blog about the Seattle Mariners). One of the authors was up for an online contest worth $10,000. It was essentially a popularity contest (based on votes). They lead for the majority of the time but lost in the end. The readers of the blog ended up donating almost $9000 for a scholarship for the author:


I also follow Fatwallet, a deal-sharing website. In the finance forum are quite a few regulars and lots of visitors. One member posted a story seeking advice regarding a stray cat he ran over. The cat needed surgery, and the individual felt responsible, but also did not want to be on the hook for taking care of a stray cat. Forum members pitched in over $1300 to pay for surgery and care, prompting the individual to decide to keep the cat (sadly, the cat did not survive surgery):


Yes, we hear stories of people who meet sociopaths and stalkers online, but many of us have connected with communities that will stand up for each other and pitch in - even for someone they have never met "in real life."



2 years, 9 months ago on Online vs. Offline Relationships: Build Them Before You Need Them