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Our (UK's) Daily Mail is the biggest newspaper website in the world. It too uses this line in journalism and receives much scorn but you are absolutely right. When friends rage in the comments over hyperbolic articles or unethical subject matter sharing the story to expose it I can't help feel they are doing exactly what the editors want.


Everyone loves someone to hate and everyone loves light tittilation, platforms like this will only rise. Interestingly if you compare their copywriting especially of headlines, leaders and subheadings you can see a marked difference in style to the NY Times / Guardian et al. Far more conversational, the journalism is like overhearing a good conversation on a train, you can't help but crane your neck to hear. We should give these guys credit for knowing their audience, which in the end includes all of us as much as we would like to deny.

2 years, 10 months ago on Oddly Enough, I Don’t Hate Business Insider Because Of Its Brilliance