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Will the glitter method work with Caffee Latex as well?  Also, for an inexpenseive injector I picked up an injector designed for getting merinade into BBQ meats at Home Depot a couple of falls ago when they had all of that summer stuff on deep discount.  Added a bit of silicon tubing and had a sealent injector for less than $5.

2 years, 4 months ago on Add Some Sparkle To Your Tubulars: A Mechanic’s Trick for Repairing Late Season Flats


Molly - What is the MSRP on those?


2 years, 7 months ago on Cyclocross Racers May Appreciate Running and Racing with Pearl Izumi Flex-Sole X-Project


I used a triple on my first CX Frankenbike.  I'm in Colorado so we don't see much mud but do get a fair amount of climbing thrown at us.  I rarely if ever used the granny so I used the limiting screw to lock out the gear during the race season.  worked great.

2 years, 10 months ago on Mechanical Mondays: Single or Double Chainrings?