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I have evolved into primarily an NBA fan partly because my favorite NFL team has descended into the Black Hole perhaps never to return, thats the Raiders btw. For me the NBA channel runs rings around ESPN. There I never have to hear the execrable Stephen A.Smith or Skip Bayless, etc. The show I like best on ESPN is Dan Lebatard is Highly Questionable. Dan and his Dad, not sure yet what to make of Bomani Jones addition don't take themselves so seriously. I watch a lot of PTI with less and less enthusiasm. Sportcenter - only if I fall asleep during a game and it is on when I wake up and has an interesting story. It has become awful.

1 year, 9 months ago on Shaking my head at SportsCenter


The NBA MVP is hardly useless it is the most important of professional team sport MVP's because the winning one puts you in the Hall of Fame. Which is not true for baseball or football. I don't follow hockey so I'm not including that. Hence, Lebron had already established himself as a historically great player by winning 3.

2 years, 10 months ago on LeBron James And The Arbitrary Validation Of Transcendence