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Wow.  How about doing some research on the rest of the MS Ex.  You covered the topical.  Heard of Gogobot?  Sodahead?  Anything?  How about the non-founders killing it?  Have fun with your email address sir.  Former MySpace people are the brightest tools in ANYONE'S shed.  I would ask you to keep "exposing it" but it happened already everywhere.  For XXXX sake we have an incubator here in LA the way of Aber Whitcomb (former CTO of MS) plus the Berman folks.. - write an article about that, jebeezus.  CARNEY, you need to call Antone before writing this for a 3rd time.  Did you minor in WTF?

2 years, 9 months ago on The Revenge of Team MySpace: Will Intelligent Beauty Be LA’s Redemption Story?