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Excellent article!  I'm glad Hubby and I had the attitude of "kids are portable"!  At first that was an attitude of bringing the baby along through our daily life activities and social events.  Later that included more traveling.  Honestly? I wouldn't trade the time I had in Paris with four children under six for anything!


Currently in the US, soft structured carriers are GREAT for airplane trips.  Of course, TSA regs can change at any time.  But for now infants are allowed to stay in a carrier and go through the metal detector without being removed (and then do a chemical test on mom's hands.)  Makes life SO much easier.  Just make sure your sling/wrap/carrier doesn't have any metal parts that would set off the alarm. (My ring sling has actual metal rings instead of aluminum -- set off the alarm -- but I had the option of an enhanced pat down instead of removing the sleeping baby from the sling.)


Personally, I like having a small umbrella stroller while traveling. I end up waearing the baby in the airport, and pushing the carry on in the stroller and checking it at the gate. The stroller ends up being an "extra pair of hands" when I need it.

2 years, 10 months ago on International Travel: 10 Tips to Traveling With a Baby