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Most of us who work for a living have learned these lessons through hard knocks, let downs, disappointments and regrets: life goes on, we gotta get up and go to work even when we don't feel like it, we must limit the number of people whose opinions matter to a very small number, criticism hurts but is sometimes what we need, and finally, ultimately, we must take total responsibility for our lives. Lebron came to these lessons in the crucible of the public eye; forced to mature through the weight of coerced humility - a painful humilty born out of introspection prompted by and centered on an overwhelming inescapeable  failure under very bright lights.  It is the connection between his leesons and ours that connects his transcendence with ours; that while it is rare, transcendence is possible for the ordinary, in the privacy of ones' own life ouside of the bright lights. To live a life of passion, committment, dedication and love has its own transcendent value - assuming one is willing to learn the right lessons.

2 years, 10 months ago on LeBron James And The Arbitrary Validation Of Transcendence