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I am Daniel Ketter CTO of mhoto (composes new music from photos). My question is how should a startup ,with a business model that should make it profitable, raise enough capital for development without giving up too much equity? We are getting lots of interest and are cautious about giving up the farm. Thanks for the reply.

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I thoroughly enjoyed this article. I have seen this phenomena ,growing in it's insidiousness, over the last three years. I stick to my assertion: when investors stop investing in mediocrity, truly innovative companies will flourish. I have self-funded {s}hareCLOUD which will turn the small business cloud and tech services industry on its head. I will probably have a difficult time if and when I seek external funding. We are at the precipice of another dotcom bust (I survived the first one). Investors are investing in fads instead of solid, long-lasting enterprises. There is a lot of junkfood on the web. We all know you can't survive on junkfood.

2 years, 4 months ago on The Series A crunch is hitting now. Have we even noticed?


Emma I had high hopes for this article and applaud you for its simplicity. I , however, can see why the cloud has become this mythical beast akin to the chupa cabra. When I did work with the Federal Reserve, many moons ago, they never called their dumb terminals "cloud computers". What I think needs to be emphasized is the fact that the actual 'computing' is being done in the background. Google Docs would be more of a cloud application or interface. The actual computing is being done by Google's server, network and storage infrastructure. I think that if we are able to classify these properly as cloud apps or interfaces, it would cut down on much of the cloud mystique/confusion.


I did  both thoroughly enjoy and appreciate this article. Thanks for helping to demystify the cloud. I enjoy speaking cloud  @dkwtechnik. 

2 years, 10 months ago on Cloud Computing Simplified