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@Sontaran17 Personally I thought the good parts were excellent, but the bad parts were pretty terrible. While the attemped murder scene is funny, why would she try to kill him when they're handcuffed together? Also, the great scenes where she shows some character growth are completely undermined by the reveal that she was mostly lying about it, making her second chance completely unwarranted. The deus ex machina is by its very nature, a copout as it  means that The Doctor doesn't have to make a choice about whether or not to show mercy.

Like I said, some really great stuff, it's just a shame that the rest of the episode almost makes it worthless.

And don't even get me started on Rose.

2 weeks, 3 days ago on Revival Face-Off: Round #1


@The G Unitt - It's my initial, I'm not a rap fan @Erga kai Hemerai

I really don't get how people have problems with the dialogue in Flatline. For example:

Doctor: "Sorry, stopped listening a while ago. Okay, same time you left, same place... ish."
Clara: "Ish? Don't give me an ish."

Doctor: "These readings are very ishy."

 “Local knowledge is leaving! 

 "Hello, barely sentient local".

"You really do throw your companions in at the deep end, don’t you?"

In fairness you did say 'some'. Could you give examples?

1 month, 3 weeks ago on Best of 2014 Awards: The Winners (Part 3)


Especially seeing as though that fairytales and that particular fear, are a part off a running theme in Series 5, especially with the Doctor and Amy. Like this exchange for example, Amy: "I grew up". The Doctor: "Don't worry. I'll soon fix that." 

2 months ago on The Lord of the Dream: Amy’s Choice in Perspective


Regarding the old people, one Doctor Fan suggested that " Old people, especially ones stuck in a home after a lifetime in Leadworth, are a manifestation of the Peter Pan-alike Doctor's fear of growing up/aging." Which is a really good interpretation in my opinion

2 months ago on The Lord of the Dream: Amy’s Choice in Perspective


In the terms of bringing back the Master, its Utopia. It was a complete shock with Derek Jacobi giving a masterful and scary performance with proper menace that wasn't unintentionally hilarious. The cliffhanger is one of the best in Who, until they ruining it by starting the next episode with them in Cardiff. In terms of the episode, i'll have to go with Dark Water. Other than the Master, Utopia is a pretty average episode with the Futurekind in particular being generic and dull and it doesn't use the end of the universe setting as well as it could. Also why couldn't the Doctor just take Yana in the Tardis once he'd pressed

4 months, 3 weeks ago on Face-Off: Utopia vs Dark Water


@The Finn @Malohkeh It had the light bulb flicker arc. I loved the resolution for that arc

4 months, 3 weeks ago on The Trouble with Story Arcs


@LaraHarris This really isn't a big deal. According to Neil Gaiman: ("Pull to Open" obviously refers to the phone hatch, yes. But Idris was right: It IS an instruction, and Police Box doors did open outwards). In other words he's saying that while the instuction on Police Boxes is referring to the hatch, The TARDIS meant it as an instruction to The Doctor. It really is a minor issue so i'm not sure why it ruined the episode for you. I guess a small problem to one person can be a huge one to someone else. 

5 months ago on Neil Gaiman on Hopes for Capaldi Episode


The longest standing companion is probably referring to Clara rather thanJenna

7 months, 1 week ago on Jenna Coleman Leaving at Christmas?


Why do people keep saying Time-Lady? It's such a horrible term IMO. Every time I hear it I can't help thinking of Little Britain. Romana refers to herself as a Timelord in The Pirate Planet and as far as I know the term Time-Lady was only mentioned once. There's no need to segregate the male and female Timelords by giving them different titles.

9 months ago on Series 8: Meet the Gatekeeper of the Nethersphere


Personally I thought the Bad Wolf bay scene undermined the the much more powerful scene earlier when Rose got taken to the parallel world. That scene said everything that needed to be said, making the Bad Wolf Bay scene just a reason to give fans unnecessary (IMO) closure. It would have been much more heartbreaking to simply separate them without the chance to say goodbye rather the less powerful tear-filled goodbye we got. A better contender for best scene would have been The Doctor's goodbye to Susan from The Daleks Invasion of Earth.

9 months ago on Why the Doomsday Farewell is Not the Greatest


Doctor Who had female fans long before Tennant and Smith, so I'm not sure what he meant by that. Maybe he meant there are more, but that also true about male fans. He's right about it being time for an older actor though. Not that I had a problem with Smith and Tennant (Smith's my favourite), but this a show of change and the time was right. 

9 months, 1 week ago on Colin Baker: Tennant & Smith Brought Female Fans to Doctor Who