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I consider slaves stolen property since every man has the inaliable right to own himself.  Any time someone is made a slave their liberty is stolen from them.


In that light anyone involved in slave trade is at the very least involved in buying and receiving stolen property.  The fact that they were never prosectuted for that does not change their guilt.


If I could go back in time and track and prosecute all those involved I would but alas I cannot.  Ancient crimes 150 years past must go unpunished since all those involved are long dead.


It may well be true that there was some movement in the South to eliminate slavery but if  you look at the history slavery existed in this country for 350 years and it was not done in all that time so I think there might be some question as to how motivated that movement actually was.


In any event it was the South that attacked first so I do not think you can blame Lincoln for that.  It might have been resolved piecefully if the South had not been so quick to declare war on the United States.


I think it would be very hard to justify that States Rights outweigh individual Human Rights and the 14th Amendement ensures that the Federal Government has the right to protect Human Rights when States Rights are using their power to take away Human Rights.



2 years, 3 months ago on The 14th Amendment and the Bill of Rights



 Do you really consider the right to own people as property a freedom? I believe the people who were owned would take issue with such a "freedom".


I don't believe the Federal government "stole" the slaves from the southern states by freeing them. The slave owners from those states never had any right to own those people in the first place.


I can't wrap my head around a world view where getting rid of slavery means freedom.  Perhaps you should rethink your world view.

2 years, 10 months ago on The 14th Amendment and the Bill of Rights