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 @AdamGeo "given googles track record with anything but search"


Android? Gmail? YouTube? Maps/StreetView?

2 years, 9 months ago on Don’t Laugh at Google Glass: They’re Goofy, but They Will Save Us from Ourselves


I've really enjoyed these articles, all of them (except for maybe that one that retold Android's history, which I already knew.) I'm a proponent of Chrome OS, but yeah, it's not there yet. It's like 25% there, and much of that is just due to the quality of webapps. Five years from now, it will be a different story -- I honestly think we may get a decent version of Photoshop as a webapp by that point. Google's challenge, then, is to continue backing Chrome OS until that eventual tipping point. And yes, it is eventual. I'm deeply worried they'll give up though, and that moment will completely pass them by.


I also love the line about Google's core apps, because it's spot on. Each piece was kind of a weird, broken silo until the past year or so, but now when you put them all together it works wonderfully. I can't imagine ever using a native email or calendar app ever again (well, except the Android counterparts.) And to me, those web apps prove the web app model and how powerful it is.


Again, I enjoyed reading this series of articles -- mostly as someone who's already been converted (typing this on a Chromebook right now, although it isn't mine.) It's always interesting to see what parts other people really dig in about -- your annoyance with Google Music, Trevor, didn't really occur to me. It's been a service I've been happily using for several months, and its integration with Android means I no longer use a desktop music player either. But I'm not a huge music lover. It's definitely an app I've felt Google can improve, though.


The pace of refinement at Google these past few years has been blistering. I wonder if literally every complaint about joining Google's ecosystem will be remedied in some way eventually.

2 years, 10 months ago on If You’re Going Google, Don’t Go All the Way