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Okay, so here it is: followed you both on Pinterest. Tweeted a link to the giveaway (which then appeared on my Facebook: Liked CC on Facebook (having already liked Planet June, which is how I found this blog) - see previous link to my Fbook page. Pinned the chameleon on my "Cool Crafts" board ( Subscribed to the CC newsletter - not sure how to prove that, except that you should have. And here is my comment to suggest a design for June:Not sure if this is within the scope of possibilities, because I didn't see any other extinct animals there, but I'm a huge velociraptor fan and I'd love to see a crochet pattern for one of those. I know she's done other dinosaurs, but the velociraptor has been a special favourite since childhood. Blame Jurassic Park.I believe that's seven entries, but I'm not the most mathematically minded, so feel free to double-check.

2 years, 10 months ago on Giveaway: Crochet Chameleon Pattern from Planet June