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I'm pulling for Katerina!!!

8 months, 2 weeks ago on Katie Compton Adds Her Name to an Impressive Field at CLIF Bar CrossVegas


Love Sram MTB drivetrains. Love RockShox suspension forks. But won't go anywhere near a hydro brake from Sram/Avid. After going through 5, yes 5 sets of XX brakes (one two different bikes mind you... ) in a year, I gave up on them. Sure, they'd send out new ones. But the new ones were just as bad as what they were replacing. Sold the last warranty sets and bought Magura and XTR. 

1 year, 1 month ago on SRAM Road Hydraulic Recall: What Went Wrong? SRAM President Stan Day Explains, Provides Update on 2015 Brakes


Hopefully this won't be as botched as the brakes.

But, seriously... how about one product that actually works and is available before pumping out more "new and improved"? I guess they are preying on the people that are too foolish to realize they can just buy a narrow-wide style chainring and have the same functionality for $40. Throw on an x9 type 2 short cage, if you want to spend a bit more money. Most people can take the internals out of their left lever is so desired ;)

How in the world can this setup be more expensive than a regular 2x11 force setup? 1 ring on the crankset, no FD, and no shifting internals on the left lever. So, they are basically saying the RD is more expensive than all of those things. 

Not trying to be a hater here. I just wish they'd get one thing right... then move on to the new products. I'm sure that in 6-10 months they will release a new version and make all of the early adopters mad anyhow :)

1 year, 1 month ago on Ridden and Reviewed: SRAM’s Force CX1 Single Chainring Cyclocross 1x Drivetrain


I think the combined license is great. But, then again, I race road, MTB, and CX. Shelling out $90 to be able to do that sucked. I think the very slight increase in overall fee is acceptable. Most of us are riding around on $120 tires for crying out loud... $10 is nothing. 

That said, the increased 1 day fees are total BS. USAC is going to be brining in a TON more money by charging all the roadies, who don't MTB, the extra $10 than they ever did on the extra $30 made from the minority racing road and MTB. That part is a total money grab and will hurt participation of new racers. 

1 year, 4 months ago on USA Cycling Modifies License Fees: One License for All Disciplines, Higher One Day Fees


We'll miss seeing you at Jingle Cross this year Sue! Best of luck with the next chapter. 

1 year, 6 months ago on Disappearing Quietly: Sue Butler’s Transition Back from Racer to Rider.


Too bad it only measures left leg power. Most people's power distribution varies greaty over the course of a race, as fatigue sets in. Also, there have been numerous reports of inconsistent power readings from these meters, even while being used on rollers or a trainer. If a unit isn't at least self consistent... it's worthless as a training tool. Also, many people have found problems in how the units measure cadence (no magnets used, it's dependent upon accelerometers). It's easy to tell that if even small errors arise in cadence calculation, lots of problems can arise in the power numbers.

1 year, 11 months ago on Stages Cycling: A Power Meter Perfect Ideal for Cyclocross? – Sea Otter 2013


Females BEFORE the U23? What a crock of $hit. 



Yep, it's just an additional cash grab. At least they could have advertised this was going to be enforced ahead of time. 

2 years, 2 months ago on Masters Worlds Mechanics in the Pits: Caught in the Tape of License Requirements UPDATED: Rule Book


Why is Page not listed as a favorite Domestic or Euro Rider? Also, the FMB Super mud is listed for fav tubular, but not fav mud tubular? Really poor guys...

2 years, 2 months ago on LAST DAY! Vote for Your Favorites Today: Cyclocross Magazine’s 2013 Reader Awards Survey


Katie and Mark have a LONG history of crapping on any previous sponsor. Sure, Syn Nys had a few problems with shifting last year on Shimano (and a broken pedal). But you don't see him always bad mouthing the parts. 


Mark was trashing the Shimano parts during the season last year pretty badly on twitter, as well as the Rabobank logistics for getting bikes, wheels, etc, to them. I'm fairly certain she ran Avid Ultimate brakes last season (anodized orange to look like the rabo brakes) despite being on shimano. 


I wish the best for her during the race season. But, I have no sympathy for her sponsor situation (remember a couple years back when she was really hard up for a sponsor?). When you constantly burn every bridge you cross... eventually you'll be screwed. 

2 years, 10 months ago on Katie Compton Goes Back to SRAM, Trek Cyclocross Race Team – UPDATED