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@tremblaysimon   The only place where we (SourceForge) display this is in the files interface as described above. Also, quite frequently, individual projects will choose to post file hashes on their own websites.

2 hours, 35 minutes ago on Verifying Downloaded Files


@Paul  Hello,

We do have some features that can help automate releases. For example, we offer uploads via SFTP (which you already use), SCP, and rsync over SSH. The latter two in particular are well suited for incorporating into some sort of a release script (I personally like rsync the best for this). See our documentation here:

Note that you can use those to upload to both the project web space as well as the file release system.

As for making a file default, we have some instruction on doing that via an API here:

For tickets, it's not currently possible to change admin settings via an API, but we do have an API that can be used to interact with tickets, wiki pages, etc.

Hopefully this information helps, please let us know how else we can advise. If you can elaborate on the "etc", perhaps I can provide some insight on that as well.


Chris Tsai, Support

2 days, 8 hours ago on Continuous Delivery is for Open Source Too