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"Peaceful NONCOMPLIANCE is the only way....violence is NOT the answer"


Totally agree.   I would add ACTIVE participation in the election process to the list.  I tell my representative what I expect from them when it comes to the 2nd amendment.   What I expect is to GAIN ground in terms of freedom not lose it.    I'd like the idiotic NFA to go away but in the mean time I want them to nibble away at it.    I tell my friends how my reps respond and their tone/attitude.    I give a little money to the ones that best reflect my views ( I don't expect perfection, just progress until I can find someone better..) and I expose the ones that do not.


For me, as long as the elected officials actually leave office when they lose and as long as we remain in Ms. Wolfe's "awkward stage" then we need to renounce violence and work towards our goals politically.   


I reserve the right, however, to "revise and extend" my remarks.. as they say..

2 years, 10 months ago on The 2nd Amendment and the Preservation of Liberty