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Another great "end of everything as we know it" post. I have nothing personal against Francisco, who is undoubtedly a good writer, but all of his posts, whether discussing LA startups, Hollywood, and now capitalism, rank as some of the most concentrated examples of misdirected energy.


At risk of embarking upon a rant, let me just cherry pick this little fruit: 

" Perhaps it was the onset of the “Me” generation of the 1980s or the arrogance that comes with being the last remaining super power. But the ethos of American capitalism has made a dangerous shift toward the deification of pure greed."


What a load of condescending shit. Ah yes, those evil little buggers who are coming of age and making new startups so they can get rich--how dare they!?


If anything, the REAL "Me" generation started in the 1960's, with the advent of a generational disaster of largely over priveliged louts who shunned pro-civilized behavior and values in favor of "changing da world."  This mindthink jargon usually suggested advocating varying forms of Leftist banality ranging from anarchic communes, to more pragmatic goals of stunting economic progress by stealing from society's producers and giving to its losers under the guidance of the government, while of course hiding behind the great Economic scam referred to as "Keynsianism." 


Of course, many would point to this as a decade of great social progress, and that's arguable, although the trend towards racial desegregation had already begun in the mid-50's, and the invention of the 'pill' was brought about greedy capitalists, not Margaret Sanger. 


If you really want to see what unparalleled greed looks like, visit any political rally in which the naive and gullible demand the rest of us pay them for their own stinking shit (yes you, Occupy). 

2 years, 8 months ago on Looterism: The Cancerous Ethos That Is Gutting America


Just for the sake of fueling the fire, the "fermented cabbage" joke may have been off base, and the comment "Korea isnt very innovative" is pretty dumb, 


but actually getting upset about that comment is pretty stupid. 

2 years, 9 months ago on What Does This Korean Messaging App Think It’s Doing With More US Users Than Path?


 @MattBarrie why is it so inevitable? 


You've refuted one half of a crucial element to Gilbert's thesis and yet left me hangin on the other half (if Kodak wasn't ignoring the digital dynamos, why fail?)


Don't leave me hanging Matt. 

2 years, 9 months ago on Through the Lens of Kodak’s Past, We May Be Seeing RIM’s Future


 @PatrickR I'm not so sure it was so simple an explanation.


While I generally agree with you that the globalization hype is so 2000, why is the U.S. labor scarce when in the prior sentence you described it as overvalued? Is it overvalued because it's scarce, or scarce because it's overvalued (e.g. unions pricing manufacturing labor out of the market?)


Just like a little clarification. Secondly, while there are many brilliant engineers and innovators that live in Asia, the governments there do not encourage growth the way it is in the United States--speaking in generalizations, sure, and yes, China has boomed (understatement) but their governments impose restrictions, boundaries, and generally work to cut themselves a fatter deal at the expense of everyone else involved.


Not so great for growth. 


More extreme example: The Kenyan government bull dozes entrepreneurial shops that look particularly prosperous. 


Culture is key. 

2 years, 10 months ago on Immobile Capital: The Unspoken Secret of Silicon Valley’s Success