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This app (widget) vs platform battle has been played out many times before, with different outcomes.


1. apps on operating-systems (windows)  -  the widgets lost

2. browsers on OS (windows) - the browsers initially lost, then have recovered to make it a tie.

3. websites on browsers (IE) -  the widgets won.

4. apps on featurephones (telcos) - the widgets lost

4. widgets on websites (FB) - the widgets lost. 

5. Apps on phones - still playing out.

6. enterprise widgets on enterprise apps - just starting out.


Typically, the platform consolidates and the widgets lose. The winning platform owner likes to have a widget economy to enliven up the platform, but doesn't want the user-to-widget relationship to get too deep. In particular user-identity,  monetization and terms-of-user are the gateways through which the platform owner keeps the widgets under control.   


Widgets can win  if there is  platform diversity and competition.  Unfortunately, in the last 6 years, Facebook has gobbled up the collective online attention of the human race. The consolidation of the web into one widget platform meant that consumer widgets had to establish a direct relationship with the user through Facebook - a hard proposition given how Facebook's communication channels works. If Myspace, hi5, G+, Ning or anyone else had succeeded the story may well have turned out differently. 


2 years, 10 months ago on Why the Smartest People in the Valley Were All Dead Wrong about Widgets