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All of those suggestions are good but here is the true list of things needed for a cross race.


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2 years, 9 months ago on The Tools a Cyclocrosser Shouldn’t Be Without


Where to start? Primus Mootry, ROL Wheels, Stevens, Conti tires, Rabobank, Giant, Specialized, Shimano, Campy, SRAM, Shimano again, Parlee, Pactimo and I'm sure that I'm missing a couple.  These are all the companies that Katie has burned through in the last 5 years of racing.  Why does she go through so many sponsors?  The bike community is very small and even smaller when dealing with sponsorship dollars. 


The biggest question is what do the companies get back from thier investment:  " I was dropping my chain regularly, I couldn’t be sure of when I shifted, and I just never had a good feeling."  Great quote and way to throw Shimano under the bus for your lack of mechanical awareness of how the proper setup of the components should be.  Was this the fault of the Rabobank team mechanics or someone else working on your bike?  I dont see Lars Boom, Marianne Vos, Adam Craig or Robert Gesink having this issue.

2 years, 10 months ago on Katie Compton Goes Back to SRAM, Trek Cyclocross Race Team – UPDATED