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What is it that gets left out of the equation when people discuss the relative recoil of the .45ACP versus the 9mm and .40SW in a similar-sized gun? Are the mitigating factors mostly in the handgun, such as its construction, materials used, thickness of grip, cushioning in the back straps, size and heft, height of the bore (bore-sight radius), or its natural point-and-shoot angle relative to the shooter's arm and wrist?

Or, would having a subsonic version of a round help to reduce recoil, muzzle flip, and noise?

I've looked but have not found out what percentage of the
blast - aka, the sound level of the "bang" that occurs at the muzzle, or three feet away from it, as measured in decibels, inside an enclosed 10' x 10' space, beyond which (>140 dB) a normal person would sustain hearing loss, is attributable to (a) the breaking of the sound barrier, (b) the explosive force of the propellant that creates the shock wave, (c)  the total distance and terminal velocity of the shock wave as it travels from the chamber to the muzzle, and (d) the damping effects of the barrel thickness, composition, and length, and the material in which it is housed.

If ambient noise is a major factor in one's choice of handgun (and it is in mine as I suffer from tinnitus in the ear on my dominant side (left side) - although, positioning a handgun at the tip of an isoceles triangle stance, the ejection port would be to the right of my
left ear that is prone to hyperacusis. I'm assuming by this observation, that the loudest side of a handgun would be where the ejection port is located.

There are other factors to consider, such as "Will I be shooting a revolver where gases may escape from the space between the cylinder and bore?" or "Will I be shooting
a semi-auto that uses blowback gases to cycle the slide?" My presumption is that these two types of handguns would be "noisier" than a heavily-dampened, full-sized, striker-fired polymer pistol in which more of the noise would be contained before exiting the barrel.

I can tell you what it's like to have someone standing to my left at the range firing a 1911 and a supersonic .45ACP round  It sounded like a cannon and caused me to relocate myself at the opposite end of the booths.

With that in mind, is it possible or even practical; to recommend the best combination of caliber, handgun, and ammunition configuration that would be both easy on my ears but hit heavy on an intruder?

Maybe this is where a rifle or pistol-caliber carbine might be a better choice than a handgun - especially if I can fit a suppressor to it.

I may need to sample the same gun in different calibers to answer thew ammunition part of my dilemma. I need to make a decision on which gun and caliber I will use for home defense - one that would get the job done without rendering my left ear totally deaf.

Any thoughts?

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@JethroClampett  "Well, Jethro. Time to get a hat. A brain like yours needs to be protected."

Let's take the same Brand and Configuration of Ammo, matched by bullet weight and power factor.

Only then will you be comparing apples to apples to apples.

The "apples" chosen for this three-way comparo are the Cor-Bon Glaser Safety Slug, 115 grain sized in both 10mm and .40S&W. The closest match for the 9mm is the Cor-Bon JHP +P, 115 grain.

(BTW, isn't the.40S&W basically a cut-down version of the 10mm?)

Glocks were zeroed at 100yards. All external ballistics were excluded. 

Here is the data taken from the ballistics calculator @

1st set of measurements were taken at the muzzle/2nd set at 50 yards

                            10mm       .40SW           9mm 

Terminal Velocity    1,649/1,372   1,399/1,179   1,349/1171 

in ft/s 

Kinetic Energy         694/481         500/355        465/350

in ft/lbs

At 50 yards, the stats for the.40SW & the 9mm are virtually equal, while the 10mm still maintains its clear superiority.

But, it's fallen out of favor with the cops because its recoil and muzzle flip are too much. A lot of PD's who startedout on .40's have switched to 9mm +p loads primarilly for the reduction in weight and increase in round capacity that the 9mm offers. 

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