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As an industry member, a 'team sponsor, a Sram user, and a competitor too, I am uncomfortable with the quote in the second paragraph. A colleague and I were discussing this (after seeing this press release) and concluded it's bad form to retroactively trash, criticize, or blame past supporters, especially when the ink on the new contracts is barely dry atmo. I am sure that no results from 2011 can be used as examples of shortcomings implied in the quote about shifting. And by extension, if this really is her point of view, what might be in store for current sponsors and suppliers when they get replaced? I think a consummate professional would say, "Thank you for the support. I hope you benefited from the liaison as much as I did.", and then move forward. That attitude would define success in my book.

2 years, 10 months ago on Katie Compton Goes Back to SRAM, Trek Cyclocross Race Team – UPDATED