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Aside from HW Specs and Company Stand, this is a very significant move for other Tablet makers (other than iPad of course). It is well-known that tablet market share is not as well distributed as smart phones, and the iPad is eating other tablets for breakfast, lunch & dinner. I'd beg to argue that Android is nowhere as impressive and wide-adopted, which was leading to a potential Apple monopoly (I'm an iOS fanboy though).


But this might prove to be just the shot needed for this market, especially for Apple to remain focused & wary of a well-backed competitor at their heels. The way I look at it, most Windows PC users who're aspiring for a tablet device (myself included) now have a very strong reason to go with Surface rather than an iPad. And if you look at the size of the Windows PC user base, it is just enormous.


Hope the best tablet(s) win(s) !!

2 years, 9 months ago on Beneath Microsoft’s Surface Is a Company in Transition