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Interesting article. Obviously, getting paid for my work is ideal. I struggled for a long time as a freelancer. It took years to get my work out there, get a few clients, have those clients recommend me to other clients, etc. Now, I'm doing pretty well. And you know what? I have written a few pieces for free. And I assure you that I put just as much effort into something I'm getting paid handsomely to write as I do something I'm getting paid next to nothing to write. That work I did for free? In almost every instance, those pieces led to better, fully-paid gigs. Freelance writing is all about getting your name out there, building a portfolio, have a number of pieces you can show when seeking new work. If I do something for free, I do it of  my own free will; I do it because I know it'll help me in the long term; I do it to hone my skills; sometimes, I do it as a favor. Luckily, I'm paid very well for the vast majority of work I do these days. Much of that well-paid work wouldn't have been possible without the work I did for little or no money. It's a process. My work snowballed, from very shaky beginnings, to a solid, rewarding career. And Scripped? They've been pretty damned fair and decent to me. As writers, we all have to make decisions on what will benefit us. For me, those decisions paid off. Even stuff I wrote for free eventually paid dividends. It's all about knowing who you're writing for, what their intentions are, and what your own goals happen to be.

2 years, 10 months ago on Let Us Now Appraise Scripped’s Exploitation of Desperate Writers