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Can we touch on another quick point? It's the passive-aggressive nature of your post.

I understand you are upset. Maybe someone burned you early on and now your cynical. I get it.




You have your own agenda with trying to promote your "NSFW Corp" and felt smearing the competition would somehow put a halo around you and your ventures head? Regardless, if an offer clearly states its proposal and terms upfront the writer has the options to agree or move on.


I see offers all the time from content mills and job boards offering less than $5 for a 500 word post. Do I accept them and then cry about how they did me wrong? No. I simply reject the offer and move on with my life.


I believe there is such a thing as karma and if you're going to use negative tactics to try to bring about positive results, watch your back. It's only a matter of time before that energy finds its way back to you in a not so positive way.


Your an excellent writer and have so much going for you, why don't you reread your article and leave me a comment about how you really feel.

(And lighten up, especially with such "true confessions" in your byline you don't really want to come off as such a "media whore" do you?)


2 years, 10 months ago on Let Us Now Appraise Scripped’s Exploitation of Desperate Writers