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This is what my coach tells me.. thank you. cant hear it  too many times.. I am still making myself just do it.. :)

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I would use the small unpaper towels  or the catnip pillows.  sea.note.connie (at) gmail (dot) com. I live in the usa.. I made a sliverware holder for traveling so we dont have to use single plastic and have stainless steel water container.  connie

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I am starting a business and there is so much stuff out there.. Its just insane. I am just putting me out there in everything I am doing and its slow but the more I do it. I know its me and that is the point. I am unique .. this is perfect not to spend so much time on creating this.. I have found it gets clearer every action I do.

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This is perfect for me. I am starting a coaching business and decided I wasnt doing a title because it wouldnt explain what I did.  This is what I do. i help people who find out they cant eat gluten or have a food allergy and have no idea what to do after they find or how to live and help them kick all the doubts and fears away. I help them create a new lifestyle with information and  how to handle the social aspects and relationships too. this gives me a place to create something with who ever I am talking to .. now when I get a website.. I have freedom to keep away from a title.. thanks, connie

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love this and I hope other cities will be bold and not afraid to do this. Lets step up Austin this would be a huge win in our city and events we hold here. Not as much trash at SXSW & ACL to name a few. I love that this brings money to our city but the trash that is left behind has to be managed and we need to stop the single disposal trash and all the oil is used to make plastic bottles.. no more fossil fuels.. 

1 year, 1 month ago on San Francisco Just Became the First Major US City to Ban the Sale of Plastic Water Bottles


Its a great question. I wonder the same thing as I changed my habits just like you. I think people have to get the impacts of the chemicals, plastic, etc to them or to something that they love doing. I also think that people assume that they will have to give things up or not be able to do it if they start to take care of the environment. I dont think there is an answer for every one that is going to be the same. I think food is a place to start since it makes them think about there health. Once they think about that then the other just starts to seem natural to be in action about like plastic, water and everything else.  Education is definitely one to start the conversation and people are bringing that up more and more.

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I agree Robin. Lets get this out there.  Thank you Beth for taking a stand for Austin on this. I met you at the Eco conference and I want to let you know you are the one that started me on this journey to get rid of plastic and Styrene. Attending the conference has inspired me to do as much and be a leader and take things head on to make a difference on the planet.

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any ideas on when fishing what to put things in so doesnt get water in the container in the ice chess.. food, sunscreen, etc.. would love some ideas.. 

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so what is the concern about the radiation on the local industries in the pacific.. like washington state and california and hawaii.. on seafood industry and I dont know what else will or could be affected. Any discussions on that?

1 year, 7 months ago on A Season of Hope for Progress on Ocean Acidification


what about the radiation now leaking into the ocean and why cant they stop the leaking?

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waiting  on android  version

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Definitely will come see you at ingredients. I love your newsletter and your site is what got me to thinking about all the plastic we use then trash or recycle. I really appreciate you getting the education started and now you have all your readers as team members.  I want to know when you do your talk in Austin. I might even come to the Eco event. I am starting my own business so I am in action and creating customers. Its around food allergies. My main goal is to support restaurants or other institutions with a food allergy training system. My is different and I think supports in a different context than what is out there now. 

I appreciate your updates too. Its the only way I can keep up with everything that is shifting. I am so excited about the gmo labels showing up with the non gmo organization and plastic. We have a plastic bag ban in austin and it makes a difference. Now to educate everyone about trash and that there isnt a need for plastic product bags either... 



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I wrote on to them and this is the response that I got back.  Starbucks response to me: 

Thank you for contacting Starbucks Coffee Company.



Starbucks white paper cups, used for hot beverages, are made of paper fiber and the industry standard liner (low-density polyethylene plastic). The paper provides the rigidity for the cup, while the plastic layer keeps the paper layer intact by protecting it from the hot beverage. This plastic layer also makes the hot beverage cups unrecyclable in most paper recycling systems. We are continually evaluating alternatives to the current plastic coating, and are currently conducting life cycle assessments for bio-based plastics.


Other actions taken by Starbucks to reduce the environmental impacts of our disposable cups include:

Working to eliminate most double-cupping by utilizing corrugated hot beverage sleeves made of 60 percent post-consumer recycled fiber.Offering customers a $0.10 discount when they use their own reusable cups. Customers in the U.S. and Canada took advantage of this offer more than 17 million times in fiscal 2006, keeping 674,000 pounds of paper from going to the landfill.Providing "for here" mugs for customers who choose to enjoy their beverages in-store. Customers enjoying their beverage in-store can also request that it be served in a ceramic mug where available.

For more information, please visit us online at

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I have a question we have all this plastic ware. Roommates have bought but never used. I just choose to use no plastic around food can I donate or do something were someone else might use this?

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hi Beth,

I havent purchased the book yet. I know its awesome.I am encouraging everyone i know to buy it and I am planning to buy when I have it in my budget. A new business but I have been getting rid of plastic and looking how to not buy new plastic. That is the tough one for me. 


Signs of Celiac


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