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@Anon12345anon it's also worth pointing out that the Scripped list is for wannabe screenwriters, who are being consistently exhorted by experienced folk who work in the space (such as John August) not to write for free for any producer. Why is this really any different? Are you going to get any real editorial feedback, any support or any significant respect from your publisher while they aren't paying you? History suggests not, and in my view it's not a good gamble. However for people who haven't seen it before it does sound like a good deal at first, which is why it's worth pointing out. I've written for free and I've been paid for it, both for scripts and for articles, and except for spec stuff that I care about I wouldn't write for free any more.

2 years, 10 months ago on Let Us Now Appraise Scripped’s Exploitation of Desperate Writers