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"a key issue of the Democrat agenda". THAT'S the PROBLEM. The "Democrat agenda" seems to be to thwart the Constitution and defy the Rights of the People.

And MickWagner, the reason the Scouts use NRA certified instructors is that the NRA has trained MILLIONS of people, including law enforcement and military, in the proper and safe use and handling of firearms. Thus, we (the NRA) are the MOST QUALIFIED to instruct firearms programs.

Show me one so-called "firearms safety organization" like the Brady Bunch or Moms That Aren't Getting Enough Action that has taught one person, JUST ONE PERSON, how to safely handle a firearm. JUST ONE. To these groups, "firearms safety" means NO GUNS for we mere peons, just a Police State where only "government agents" and Sarah Brady's bodyguard have guns. Worked REAL WELL under Stalin, Hitler, Castro, Pol Pot, Lenin, Bloomberg, and Daley, didn't it?

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Stock up, stand up, sight in, and hunker down. It's coming.

2 years, 10 months ago on Alabama Adopts First Official State Ban on UN Agenda 21