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Sadly, I see little difference between our administration's lies and the reset soviet administration's lies. Both seek to deceive in order to control people's minds.

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Poor Jeff obviously didn't get a card last year.

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The progressives really don't imagine any "separation" clause, for they are not ignorant and know full well it doesn't exist, and never did. They also know most people (being sinners) will buy into their lie readily. They merely created the lie so that they (the secular state/Caesar) might become the only god we're allowed to worship.

Obamacare, with it's direct attack on religious conscience, is merely the postscript to their very successful Godless agenda.

Nothing is more true than His own words: "We are either with Him or against Him" and America has chosen  to be against....

1 year, 8 months ago on ‘Separation’ Nonsense From Lying Secularists


Hah, Acid-Ann just ganged up with the blustery bully in order to take down Sarah Palin (twice) for her elitist GOP friends.

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They are not Godless -they are anti-God. He is their enemy!

2 years, 8 months ago on Culture of Death and the Batman Shooting


 McCain's comments appear to be the first criticism by a Republican"


No surprise here -just McCain doing his own RINO thing again, and again, and again....

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