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@Andrew Knibbe This is what I do. Great post, by the way.

I'm a single father in school for marketing after being wounded overseas. In my spare time, my hobby for the past couple of years has been 'investing/buying' a few EMD .coms and building websites on them. You build traffic, you build fans, you build a connected network with a fan page and Twitter account linked up... All great things when it comes time to post a 'for sale' ad.

Not to mention, often a visitor/subscriber can easily turn into a buyer.

Obviously I'm not doing anything on the scale of these big guys...but it's a good point. Spend just a little bit of time making the site appear unique/original/not spam, and it can pay dividends. I sold RecentUFOsighting dot com for $500 a couple years back after keeping it updated with relevant stuff, having a fan page and twitter; the new owner ended up parking it and it's for sale now for what I know. I'm doing some fun arcade sites like MiniGamesForKids dot com that could easily be set and forget sites, but it's fun to really DEVELOP and build a site. Maybe it'll be posted for sale or sold in a year or two, maybe not. But I get far more out've it being mildly developed than not at all.

It's like gardening for me, these things turn into pretty plants or something that bunches of other people stop by to see and enjoy. ;-) Or something, LOL.

/end novel

3 years, 4 months ago on Why Domain Investing is Dead


Yeah, I emailed, I hope you don't mind your site being included in a guest post I'm having published on the 7th at ComLuv.

3 years, 6 months ago on How I Got My First 100 Email Subscribers


What a fantastic post, you basically highlighted every point I've tried to hit with my own site, or have even discussed in multiple posts myself.

I usually sum it up by saying make it as easy as possible for them to subscribe. Make it too easy. Matter of fact, I see we are even using the same WP Greet Box plugin. ;-) Fantastic little tool, I have a post on being published today where using that is 1 of 3 steps I give for *salesman voice* "free viral internet traffic!"

You do have a really clean site and I love several of the choices you made around here personally, from WP Greet Box, to the floating share buttons (hey, matter of fact, I mention that in my post tomorrow...lemme see if I can switch pics and pages real quick...)

3 years, 6 months ago on How I Got My First 100 Email Subscribers


Well I'm for sure hoping to get to know you, as you obviously know PR, that is what my blog is about, and I think us working together could be more than mutually beneficial. ;-)

3 years, 6 months ago on Start With Who You Know


Wow, your website is killer. Six hours after coming to this website initially, I'm back, having written up a few blog posts inspired by ideas from here. ;-)

Great stuff, thanks!

3 years, 6 months ago on 353+ Blog Post Ideas to Inspire You


So in relation to this, how is a VPS used and applicable?

Great post!


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