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My suggestion to you is to put in your google search engine, "Congressman Louis T. Mc Fadden remarks on the Federal Reserve Banks," by Arizona Caucus Club, 1978; for 50 pages of the 1934 Congressional Record, where one learns from Congressman Mc Fadden the original set-up of the 12 Federal Reserve Banks (rather than from economic theory), which is a 'private' Banking System of which the Bank of England has been an original stock-holder of since 1913; find out for yourself the great crime which took place at the Bank of International Settlements (BIS): Congressman Mc Fadden charged the 12 Federal Reserve Banks with TREASON, whose charge is still pending in Congress to this very day--Congress never touched it. This is "why" pursuant to the U.S. Constitution, there is to be a gold standard whose gold currency is regulated by Congress and issued by the U.S. Treasury and Mint, so that 'We the People of the United States' have a honest standard of measurement to reckon assests and liabilities, which is impossable to reckon in today's World of fiat currency i.e., scrip, of the World's Greatest Tontine Scheme in the commerical and financial history of All the World; for that is what the Federal Reserve Banks are defined to be under the Law Merchant and the Law of Contracts thereof i.e., a Tontine Funding System, whose contractual principle is the contractual principle of Communism under the Doctrine of Incorporation, which has converted the Allodium patented land titles and its Allodium Capitalism into the mortgaged debt of the Federal Reserve Banks, and in doing so re-issued all new land titles, thus, transforming the United States into a 'Super atomic-Communist State,' where the commerical and financial World is on a daily floating fiat wager of artifical value: In today's World, the National and International financial system is one of an open-end forfieture trust, a main feature of a Tontine like the Old Tontine Life Insurance trusts (see, 10 vols. of the Armstrong Investigating Comm. of New York, 1905): The Tontine contractual principle originated here in the United States under Christian Communism of the George Rapp Harmony Society and its Articles of Incorporation, whose commune became the model for Carl Marx's writings; and whose commune became the first Billionaires of the United States owning their own International Bank, under the gold standard.


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2 years, 10 months ago on 5 Greatest Threats to Your Liberty Today