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Hey Andy,


A method that works for those that struggle with time and creative block - email conversation posts.


Not sure if you're a big sports fan, but I got this idea recently from Bill Simmons, as he created a column, simply based on a thread of email convos with Malcolm Gladwell.


Now this one in particular was longgggggg as hell, this could easy make for 5 awesome posts. While reading it, I noticed how engaged I was in their conversation. 


I think if you just set some preemptive guidelines with someone you're conversing with via email, such as ideas/subjects/questions/objectives you hope to accomplish, you can really get a great conversation going. It's a free-flowing conversation, and you just need to reply in small bursts throughout a day or week. Just make sure to provide enough context in your intro for readers. 



2 years, 9 months ago on How To Write When You Have No Ideas and No Time