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Yes, this is the hardest thing for me. It's very similar to 'go vegan' or even just 'eat healthy'. When I suggest Japanese wives to cook 'brown rice' instead of 'white rice', most of them say, "I know that it's much healthier. But my husband (or kids) don't like brown rice, so I can't change it.' Even if they get a colon cancer or high cholesterol, they prefer to serve what their family want to eat!

As you know, most of Japanese food products are packaged nicely in plastics, because the recycling rates in Japan is much higher than US (70 to 80%) and people are so accustomed not to feel guilty about buying it since it will be recycled. Of course, I explain them that 'recycle' is not the best solution. But it is hard to 'change' their life style like we have done. 

To me, it was easy to 'refuse' plastics because I didn't want to kill innocent animals and future of this planet. It was as easy as when I became vegan (for the same reason). But if people who don't care so much about the future or health, what can we do to change them?

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Congratulations, Terry! You are absolutely a huge part of the innovative ocean advocates. I am following your footprints! (Trash Zombie)

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When I do beach cleanups, I see lots of pieces of Styrofoam. Once it breaks down to the size of fish egg, it's impossible to pick it up while animals in the ocean easily mistake it for food.

A research ship (Algalita & 5Gyres) has just departed from Japan and is heading Maui right now to research the Tsunami debris.

Please join my group for the online educational couse to read the reports from the voyage.

You can send the crew your comments and questions!

Check this event page:

or just email if you don't do Facebook.

It's FREE and fun to follow the research ship online.


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