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Good essay, but I would say that most schools are not ready for tablets or laptops per each student (yet).  There are few reasons I could think of.

* One, these devices need to be recharge within few hours, especially laptops.  And if you look at most classrooms, there is only couple electrical plugs to be shared among +30 students.  

* Two, these devices have a 2-3 shelf life due to CPU/memory hog applications (like your 'new' smart phone), or simply OS/device incompatible.

* Three, distraction.  I see many kids who go into a zombie-mode when using their smart phone and tablet.  You can talk all you want, but they are totally zone out.  This only perpetuate kids to pay less attention to the instructors.

Maybe in 10 years, it will be ready, but right now it feels like money in the drain.  Better to put that money to new books and school supplies.  I think having these devices as an in-class teaching tool to be shared (instead of per students) are more effective and cost-efficient.

7 months, 2 weeks ago on Back to school: Read an 8th grader’s perfect explanation for why laptops, not tablets, belong in the classroom


Well, TechCrunch's articles are becoming more Yahoo-ish.  A future article on TechCrunch: 

"Amazing apps that will teach your cats and dogs how to do selfies!!"

7 months, 3 weeks ago on AOL picks content farm founder to run TechCrunch


@rbottoms You are right about the problem with people seeing/hearing//believing what they want to see/hear/believe.  I agree that he mentioned the racists comments.  However, if you read the article as a whole, you can see the stereotype and hate.  What does this article report?  What is the tone of the article?  What does the title implied?

If this article is in NY Times, it would have been called out.  This post's title suggests that people funding the program are racists.  Imagine this title "A rich white-man sponsored group starts a kick-starter to help businesses that were affected by black looters" --- you can see that even if it is true, it incites a stereotype.  Something can be stated without a personal touch.

Second point, read this "Of course, everyone is entitled to a legal defense fund, and that includes trigger-happy cops."  What does it suggest?  Did Mr. Carr performs a study on how many cops are "trigger-happy"?  Assuming we all know the scientific definition of trigger-happy.  Does Mr. Carr personally know that the officer to be a trigger-happy person?

"However you feel about the campaign itself, it’s absolutely breathtaking that GoFundMe is allowing comments like this to stay live."  Why is it "absolutely breathtaking" when lots of online news articles and Yahoo! comments contain similar hateful comments?  It is not an anomaly.  Is it because it involve money?

8 months, 1 week ago on $145k and counting! Racists rush to back GoFundMe campaign for cop who shot Michael Brown


"Unfortunately though, there’s a second guaranteed consequence to the shooting of an unarmed black teenager: A bunch of brain-dead racists will pile into a crowdfunding campaign to support the shooter."

Wow... heavily bias, aren't we?  Calling these people that believe the officer reacted in self-defense as "brain-dead racist" is really unexcused-able, because (1) it is your opinion until you have facts to prove that the officer is a racist guy that goes out of his way to kill black people and (2) you are lumping all these donors as a group of people with a singular thought.

As an editor you should have some restrain to your own personal feeling.  If not, call it out as an opinion piece!!

The better question would be where does the money go?

8 months, 1 week ago on $145k and counting! Racists rush to back GoFundMe campaign for cop who shot Michael Brown


Good point at the end.  The idea of widget isn't bad, it just came at the bad time.  And they don't have a wide community support.  Most techs are still too busy fighting to be "the" platform or "the" framework to really pay attention to widgets -- how to monetize, how to create a standard for adding/removing/rating content, etc.

2 years, 10 months ago on Why the Smartest People in the Valley Were All Dead Wrong about Widgets