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Sec_fan, Volguest, & Tiger Eyez comments are all on target. Fulmer's HOF selection just boosts his ego that much more. As a lifelong Vol fan if Fulmer is ever hired back as coach I'd be through with the VOLS and that says it all. His arrogance and neglect led to his own demise, everyone knows it, and he fails to take responsibility for the program's failure. His firing was 5 yrs too late IMO. He wants someone to hand him a championship program in the SEC; beneath him to take anything else. Offers haven't been pouring in have they?  That's because schools are doing their homework these days and it's not hard for them to find out the real Fulmer. He thinks if he hangs around long enough if can get supporters to hire him back should Dooley fail. Dooley will not fail, thankfully. The farther Fulmer is from UT, the better.

2 years, 10 months ago on Fulmer Would Have ‘Jumped All Over’ Arkansas Job