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WOW. I cant believe that Starbucks does not even bother to recycle. What about NOT going to Starbucks? That seems to be the only real solution. I make my iced tea at home (sportea) and carry it with me wherever I go. 


2 years, 8 months ago on Starbucks Trash: Behind the Scenes


I love how creative you are with this idea about showing everyone what you have collected where. It is brilliant. And when you stack it all in one pile it really makes an impact. Well done.

THere is a video on Youtube called Africa Bag Project which is also a creative way of dealing with plastic and it uplifting.  Thought you might enjoy it. 

2 years, 8 months ago on Sea Cave/Goat Grave: Art from Plastic Pollution


thank you sooo much for this info. If you have any give away packs left, I am a gum chewer. I know a lot about plastics in my life but obviously not enough, because I had NO idea gum contains plastic. YUK.


2 years, 8 months ago on Peppersmith Makes Chewing Gum WITH Plastic


Thank you for your always thought provoking posts. I have been guilty of feeling green when I choose Trex decking instead of wood. But as you point out, that stuff lasts for a long time and can not be recycled again. That is new information to me so thanks. 

2 years, 9 months ago on Thoughts About Recycling Styrofoam After Japanese Dock Washes Up On Oregon Coast