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 It doesn't harm Apple.  But it would have a definite impact over Apple's claim that they were impacted financially or otherwise by Samsung's copycat products.


Fact is that Apple is trying to destroy it's competition in order to line it's own pockets.  My first smartphone was an iPhone 3GS.  Loved the phone and still believe they make fantastic, if not superior products.  But I refuse to give their smartphones or tablets any consideration while they continue to adhere to a strategy of what I consider to be frivolous lawsuits, based largely upon software patents that should have never been granted.  I'm all for protecting individual property but granting patents to concepts on paper is ludicrous.


I sincerely hope they get burned on this one and all this immaturity put to a stop.

2 years, 8 months ago on Samsung Wants to Reveal Apple's Numbers: Just How Many iProducts Did They Sell?


10 years from now after Apple has exhausted all of its appeal options we may see a little blurb on Apple's homepage about this.  Of course their other alternative is to simply close up shop in the UK and not have to worry about it.  The fact is that most folks (at least here in the States) buy their Apple products from retailers.  If the same is true in the United Kingdom no one would care about the missing website.  Besides there are 26 other countries in the "European Union" where Apple likely has a presence that would allow folks to purchase directly from them.


All in all a great attempt to dole a little justice out but in my opinion all for naught.

2 years, 9 months ago on UK Judge Requires Apple To Keep Notice That Samsung Didn't Copy The iPad On Homepage