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"I submit that healthy, awakened grief, fear, and anger are some of wisest teachers we have." I couldn't agree more. Underlying these "negative" emotions is some nugget of goodness that should be cherished instead of banished. To grieve the death of a person you love is to know deeply just what that person's presence in the world meant. Thank you.

9 months, 1 week ago on Against High Vibrations: A Critique of New Age Spirituality


Gini, thanks for an excellent summary. I might summarize the summary as follows: leadership IS communication. I have a slightly different take on the intentionality part and the business about discussing issues only if there is a solution or only if someone has thought of a possible solution. My worry is that these criteria, especially in a corporate culture ready to snap back into hierarchical rigidity, can stifle discussion. Another word for intentional in the sense you are talking about is purposeful. Venting can be purposeful if it identifies a problem, promotes trust and candor, relieves tension, gets things out into the open, etc. Also, sometimes problems have to be explored before solutions begin to suggest themselves. Instead of requiring possible solutions right off the bat, maybe we should ask that people be prepared to explain what positive values or principles or goals the problem they are venting about affects and to explore with the team what solutions might look like or where thy might come from. This is not all that different from what you are saying, but for some members of the team it might be a little less intimidating.

2 years, 10 months ago on The Four I’s of Leadership Communication