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I have been a fan of Anthony and Leela independently for sometime, this collaboration allows me to have the best of both worlds.

1 year, 3 months ago on Video: Leela James feat. Anthony Hamilton – Say That


Square continues to innovate in ways that are so awesome, I love the fact that they are now reducing the size of the unit, it allows me not to have so much bulk in my wallet.

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What a profound and well written piece, congrats.


Before you slaughter my English,   If there were a plan C well I would take it.


Embracing a bit of discomfort and taking those risks.Letting some emotion seep into the mix.And not worrying about audience response.  What would happen if I did that with my little blog, I did that the risk is a well overlooked one, about to have more traction given to stem this year.


Take a look a, or two companies with similar plans that failed in San Francisco during the last tech run up.


It is a scary new world  in marketing.  Today it is possible to launch a campaign without going to the marketing director if you have a good idea, because guess what if people "like" you at a good little clip, you probably know more than the average small business owner anyway.  


That should be both discomforting, and risky for anyone getting paid big bucks to produce.


Maybe we try some old fashioned teaching before someone starts paying alot of money for the things that they can do themselves with a little help.



2 years, 10 months ago on Two Blogging Camps: Which is Better?