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Looks like a potential trade is up the sleeves of the Spurs and I am excited about this speculation here. This would work out so well for both teams. I hope R.C. Buford reads this because I can see this going down like this! We would trade Blair and our rights of Lorbek to Boston for Avery Bradley and their 21st pick. At the 21st pick if still on the board we can either take Moultrie or Fab Melo. Melo more than likely will still be there at 21. We wouldn't resign Danny Green. Green would sign with Boston for about $2 million replacing Bradley. Both are very similar players. Boston would want Blair because they aren't going to sign Bass. They can sign him for $4 mil for he will opt out and become a free agent, likely getting the Mid-Level Exception for another team. Blair is making $1 mil next season and would replace Bass, both very similar players. So we would get an excellent G/SG defender in Bradley who could defend either Westbrook or Harden better than Green or Ginobili could. Also, we would more than likely be getting Fab Melo who is an excellent shot blocker and a nice 7 footer! We would then use our Mid-Level exception and sign Diaw.

2 years, 10 months ago on Celtics targeting Danny Green? | June