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I have a number of pages and would like to explore the 'promote' feature but on one page in particular (that has more than 280,000 fans!) I cannot see the 'promote' option available yet on the other pages I have it is there. I have logged in as the page but still no luck. Then I saw this "Each promoted post can only be managed by the admin that created it. Other admins of your Page will not be able to make changes to a promotion you set up unless they have permission to access your advertising account." does this mean that only the person who originally created the page can manage the promote feature or does it mean the person who added a single post to promote is the only person that can promote it? I can't see the functionality at all regardless of who is logged in to view it. Any thoughts on why I wouldn't be able to view it?

2 years, 10 months ago on How to Use Facebook’s New Promote Button to Reach More Page Fans