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Without knowing the details of HBO's contractual relationships with cable and satellite companies on the one hand, and content providers on the other hand, we just don't have a good idea of the constraints HBO is operating within.  It's possible that HBO's contractual obligations prevent it from offering what you're describing here.


Right now, today, I doubt very much that HBO could recoup the money lost if, say, Comcast didn't like the terms and simply stopped carrying HBO.  Nor could HBO survive if movie studios told HBO to pound salt.  Since both cablecos and studios rather like the current model, it's unlikely they'd be thrilled with HBO if it started offering direct-to-consumer standalone video.  Even if HBO is contractually allowed to offer content that way, it sure as hell would make the next round of negotiations difficult.


So, HBO is in a difficult position.  HBO GO shows that HBO knows what people want... content everywhere.  But I'd bet that HBO just can't risk going all in today.

2 years, 10 months ago on HBO’s Future is in Standalone Streaming, It Just Doesn’t Know It Yet