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@Mike Garrett I have a few things in stored for it just wait and see ;)

4 days, 23 hours ago on An AE86 Is For Life


YES!!!!! This is an AWESOME story. I absolutely love Sato-san's ae86 and it serves as an inspiration to my own car. It's happened to me where you just buy a car not really thinking about what's going to happen, but some how my car has dragged me into this Ae86 life that i'm obsessed about. 

5 days, 3 hours ago on An AE86 Is For Life


One last request Mr.McGrath. May we please have some of these shots sold as prints in the SH store?

2 weeks, 3 days ago on Running Free: A J-Style Street Drift AE86… Made In Ireland


HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!

3 weeks, 1 day ago on Where Warriors Come From


Wow!! That is amazing!

1 month ago on VTEC Just Kicked Datsun. Yo!