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 G'day Maria,


Yes, the mental gymnastics involved in attempting to conjecture the will of a mythical god when you can see reality there, just beyond the veil...


The cognitive dissonance that religion entails, for those who have developed critical thinking skills, it quite difficult to maintain for long.  Eventually reality will break through the veil of religion and at that point, you will wonder why you held on to the security blanket of religion for so long.


The mental processes involved in proper critical thinking and much, much more satisfying than those involved into trying to read the mind of a non-existent god.  If people wonder why their god knows them so well it is simply because they made up their god, therefore their god is what they choose it to be - it has to know them as it is their own thoughts that have been warped into their image of god.


As I often say, reality is an awesome place to live - I just wish there were more people here! :)

2 years, 7 months ago on The Dreadful Dangers of Learning to Think: A Cautionary Tale – By Jane Douglas