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Was not the Bill of Rights crafted in a manner that made it a provisional acceptance agreement?


Did the framers not make it clear enough that if there were No Bill of Rights, then there was no agreement?


If this is true, Is not the constitution and all of the panoply associated with it not now a dead letter?


Even before the open and hostile rejection of the Bill of Rights; did not the creation and implementation of tens of thousands of nuclear instruments of genocide, breach the agreement and end the entire thing called government?


Are we not capable enough ourselves to be able to understand this?


Is the thought of nuclear war so unimaginable that we dare not even think about it?


If there now is a total eclipse of the law, then what are we to do about it?


How long of a general strike will be needed to put the purse in the hands of the people who fill it?


Is there any other way to give them the power to issue legal tender greenback again other than with a peaceful general strike?


 Have we witnessed a certain degree of the truth of the saying that the power of the purse is the only power there is?




2 years, 10 months ago on Thomas Jefferson on Judicial Tyranny