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Thank you for your comment. 


I am sorry that my use of the word queer offends you, but I do not use it to refer to you (because you do not identify as queer). Rather I use it to represent those, such as myself, who do identify as such. I know many members of the wider LGBT community who exclusive self-identify as queer, and see it as a tern that all non heterosexual, or indeed non hetronormative, individuals can claim. When I say "queer", I am certainly not referring exclusively to gay people, but rather the LGBTQIA people who are the "wider queer community" (I use quotations here because this is the only context in which I have used the word throughout the piece). The fact that you think I should change my wording just because you, a member of the more privileged gay community, finds it offensive, further proves my point. 

2 years, 10 months ago on Opinion: Same sex marriage – a distraction to LGBT equality?