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Like others have mentioned before me, reducing my consumption is the main way I avoid plastic in clothing and shoes. We bring our own canvas/cloth bags, too. I don't own a ton of clothes and shoes. I'm not quite as minimalistic as Bea from ZeroWaste, but I like the concept and have been letting things wear out for a few years now. I did the backward hanger trick (where you turn all your hangers backward -- the awkward way -- and as you use/wash/return the clothes, turn them the comfortable the end of a period of time of your choosing, you give away all the clothes you didn't wear, as evidenced by the hanger position) and chose my birthday of one year to my birthday of the next year in order to capture every season. That was 3-4 years ago and I was already to the point of wearing nearly every item I owned. I gave away those few remaining items and have been VERY selective in purchases.


A neighbor and I swap shoes. We happen to wear the same size and have similar shaped feet and treat our shoes well for us and gives shoes another life when we're bored and it "doubles" our shoe wardrobe for those one-off situations when you need something unusual for an event.


When I go to thrift stores, I have a hard time finding clothing to wear. I can get some of my daughter's clothes second-hand, but our sizes seem to be the least well-stocked (or most popular???). We do find those "costume" or unusual items we need at thrift stores and I alter them to suit our needs. Turned a purple football jersey (50 cents) into several camping mess kit bags last summer that we continue to use. She needed a white blouse for two events last year and two events this year. She was a girls size small/medium at the time, but we found a short-sleeve ladies white blouse (50 cents) that I took in and fixed the rip. She even got creative and has worn it dozens of other times in various ways.


Leaving the hangers and shoe boxes at the store is something we do, as well. I specifically request they be reused, but I have witnessed employees throwing them away. Now, I ask what will happen if I leave this with you? before deciding.

2 years, 9 months ago on Feelgoodz natural rubber and hemp flip flops


I grow all sorts of edibles in a tiny townhome backyard! Among many reasons to grow your own, my daughter enjoys eating our homegrown fruits and veggies...far more than she would eat store-bought produce!


For inspiring herb-growing and herbal uses, I highly recommend reading Rosemary Gladstar's newest book called Medicinal Herbs. I have read several of her books (and by other authors) and this one is particularly appealing because she gives practical information on 33 herbs, including growing tips, using tips, basic knowledge, and specific recipes -- for each herb! There is also a chapter devoted to the various methods of use, such as teas, baths, salves, etc.

2 years, 10 months ago on Growing food and herbs to avoid plastic