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These are valuable tips about participating in a peer mentoring group. These groups are increasing in number, availability, and differing requirements or focus. For a list of all such groups in North America visit the Peer Resources' listing of Fee-Based Peer Mentor Groups at

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While the title of this article says "Forget advisors" and the content urges people to find "power mentors," the description of the characteristics of the people to look for don't really seem any different from consultants or advisors. Why call these people power mentors? Or how do you see them as different from a connected consultant?

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How about writing about how Al Kaeda initiated a new strategy to get foreigners out of Afghanistan-Bannanisthan by sending anonymous email that would result in making public the immoral activities of top military personnel thus removing them from their command. This clever system was much cheaper, more sure fire, and much quicker than their own bombings and terrorist activities. Finally, they've figured out how the US actually works and how to get the US government and press to shame capable individuals out of their posts.

2 years, 5 months ago on The Seinfeld of Blog Posts


CBS continues to demonstrate the ultimate in stupidity and triviality in their legal suit against ABC and now their attempt at being funny press release. If they really wanted to be funny they should have issued a statement about what they plan to sue the other Networks for.

2 years, 10 months ago on CBS Issues Fake (and Totally Awesome) News Release