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saying Fisher is bad at defense is soooo played.  Do you watch the games man?  Fish is probably their best team defender.  He is ALWAYS in the right place as a team defender.  Watch how he's able to thwart drives from players driving FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FLOOR. He's also by far their best pick 'n roll defender. Watch how he's able to stop guard penetration by fighting over screens and using his body position and strength to push guards waaaay out of their spots.  "Lack of athletic ability?"  the man may be 37, but has remarkable side to side mobility, and is probably the strongest man on the team pound for pound.  This is all without even mentioning the intangibles he brings; leadership, poise, drawing offensive fouls, hitting big shots.  Sure, we'd all love to see more of his shots go down, but think about this for a second.  He has the highest +- of any player on the Thunder (including Collison) since he's joined the team.  That's not an accident.  

2 years, 10 months ago on The Thunder take Game 5, 108-103