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I make my almond milk with a Vitamix blender, 1 cup previously soaked (supposedly raw) almonds, 3 cups water blend, strain in a "nut milk bag."  I don't recommend the paint strainer method some people suggest!  If you like sweet than a pitted date (bulk or farmers market) and a bit of vanilla extract.  No steaming needed and I think it tastes better - just make sure your nuts smell fresh and not rancid!  That said I'm not sure if steamed almond milk lasts in the fridge longer.  We have to be careful not to leave ours out of the fridge at all, and in the fridge it's good for a week.  I don't have kids  (yet) but I'm attracted to the "elimination communication" method myself.  Acne - nothing works for me but avoiding all (really all) processed foods - short of that nothing provides more than minimal support.  Deodorant I want to try the recipe from a website I saw with coconut oil but I haven't run out of my old stuff yet.  You can also get shampoo in bulk at Rainbow Grocery - I'm not sure about where else though.

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recipe please?

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