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I feel sad and overwhelmed as I read this article. When the average person feels like they want to make changes and tries to look for ways to do this, It seems almost impossible. The only things that seem possible for me to do are things I already do like reuse bags and recycle plastic. The average person does not have the time or money to do the things you suggest. I love your suggestions but they would require a book just to know how to live differently so that I could try to do SOME of the things. I have to fight with my husband just to get him to recycle milk bottles! Time like thses I feel like Oh well the earth is going to **** in a handbasket! I know there are many people who think this way. When you work all the time and you are trying your hardest to put healthy food on the table and take care of your kids...These things seem impossible to figure out or to add into your already crazy routine. Why can't being green be more convenient. I think I need a Green support group. That might make it easier. I wish I had a compost tumbler. I just learned what that is today. How can the average person know these things if they do not seek it out. I live in the midwest. Most people only slightly care about the environment. Everyone is waiting for the "government" to do something. I want to do something too but I ashamedly admit I don't want to go crazy doing it. It is way more countercultural than I realized.

2 years, 10 months ago on Collecting Garbage Without Plastic Trash Bags?