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 I and I am sure most Dolphin fans expected far more out of this team.  I wish I could put my finger on the one thing that caused this debacle, but I can't.  My biggest issue is with the defense.  We used to be able to stop the run, but forget that.  What happened to Solai?  Did Dion Jordan even play the last 2 games?  For the most part the DBs got the job done but run supporting LBs were missing.  The package of blitzes is pathetic.  I knew that every time we blitzed, we would give up a 1st down.  Corner blitzes were a waste of time and talent.  The outside LBs were not in position to take the vacated spots where the blitzes came from.  We know that Wake would get double teamed but we didn't run the gaps that opended up at those times.  Play calling was anemic.  If Tannehill under throws Wallace again I think I will explode. Lets see what the off season brings this time.  I am sure a lot of hope that doesn't deliver.  I sure hope I am wrong.........

1 year, 3 months ago on Latest Dolphins news: Dolphins might retain only head coach Joe Philbin


I have been a Fin Fan for decades and can finally say that I am glad to see the dust and cob webs come of the wallet.  The Dolphins are starting to spend like the Redskins although with a bit more specific direction.  Finding the right parts that fit our scheme and then having the willingness to go after them is a welcome change.  The years of having the lowest payroll in the NFL are over,  Thank God.

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I don't know what all the waiting around is about.  Winston is the choice to be made.  He has already played in Miami for the U.  His asking price is extremely reasonable for a future pro-bowler. This is a player that WANTS to play in Miami.  Leave Martin on the left and develop our tackle draft pick. CALL HIS AGENT  and get this deal done before one of our competitors snatches him up.


1 year, 11 months ago on Dolphins doing their due diligence in finding an OT


Why even consider a franchise tag on this guy.  The Franchise tag is intended for a player that the team cannot do without and just can't get a contract signed that is agreeable to both sides.  Management could always offer a 1 yr. deal at 6.5 or 7 million and draft the position.  At least we wouldn't have an immediate hole to fill and we would have time to bring a young player up to speed. 


Loyalty is a word I never hear brought up in conversations. I understand that this is a business, but management needs to look at the whole picture.  I am talking about resigning Reggie Bush.  This is a guy that has done everything the team has asked of him.  I am surprised that with the number of carries he has had (behind the questionable run blocking of the line) he wasn't hurt more. Also,  WHY aren't we utilizing his pass catching ability more.  We talk about not having a number one receiver on the roster.  Reggie's ability as a receiver would garner him a contract for another team as just that (a receiver).


Lets get back to the Dolphins of old.  We used to reward players who did it both on the field and off.  This player WANTS to be a Dolphin and has EARNED a nice contract offer.  We need to get the city behind the team again.  Letting him walk without even putting together a nice contract offer would leave us all scratching our heads again. Just like the shipping of a players like Brandon Marshall. That move  was understandable, but who negotiated the deal.  I negotiated lawsuit settlements for a living and I guarantee that I could have worked out a much sweeter deal than the one that was done.  It seems that we might have just given him away if no-one showed interest in the first 5 minutes. We got next to nothing for this top  NFL receiver.


How about hiring someone who know the meaning of VALUE and LEVERAGE as they pertain to negotiations.  I would be happy to work as a consultant to get these deals done.



2 years, 1 month ago on Is Sean Smith worth the franchise tag?